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CO-OP Mailing, Achieve More For Less

Solo Mail MarketingCooperative advertising is the sharing of costs for locally placed advertising between two or more advertisers. Cooperative advertising can be a very powerful tool for the small business owner, especially one with limited means to support the kind of advertising campaign which can be vital to the survival and success of a business enterprise. The reduced cost achieved thru sharing of distribution costs can help small business owner reach wider audience at same or lower costs than it would cost to reach this audience on their own.

Cooperative mailings are typically packaged in the same envelope or package in multiples (your mailing piece is delivered at the same time as other advertisements from your co-op group). By using the single delivery we can achieve better mailing and postage rates therefore allowing you to either reduce the cost of your mailing campaign or allow you to reach much wider audience at same or lower costs you would be paying otherwise.

You may have seen this business model with our Valpak business to consumer packages (Valpak Blue Envelope) but we can also implement same strategy for our business to business advertisers by implementing same principle. If you or your business belong to a bigger group (networking clubs, trade associations, etc.) please talk to Jackson & Associates about putting together a co-op mailing package for your group.