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Attract Quality Leads Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

AdWords Bid Management

In a live auction environment, bids can change in real-time.

Our bid management specialists use their training and expertise to optimize bids dynamically, finding traffic that will convert to results.

AdWords Management

Our bid management technology uses tangible lead and conversion data to bid on the relevant keywords that will produce  a “call to action” through a phone call, click, email, goals, online order, etc. We Bring Results.

Website AnalyticsWe use Google Analytics as well as secondary analytics platform to  to simplify detailed search engine reports, across different engines, to let you know the value your campaign is producing.

Jackson & Associates Global Marketing

Do You Have The Time?

Doing It Yourself!

  • Choose the appropriate search engine to advertise on ( 2 Hours )
  • Initial research of appropriate keywords ( 6 Hours )
  • Create ad copy for each search engine ( 5 Hours )
  • Daily management of keyword bids and budget ( 12 Hours/Month )
  • Monthly keyword and ad copy optimizations ( 4 Hours/Month )
  • Reconcile reporting and billing from multiple search engines ( 1 Hour/Month )

That’s 30 hours of your time in just the first month! How much is your time worth to you?

Hiring The Experts!

Jackson & Associates chooses the search engines for you ( 0 Hours )
We work with you to choose the right geography and budget (15 minutes )
We research the keywords ( 0 Hours )
We create the ad copy ( 0 Hours )
We manage keyword bids and budget ( 0 Hours )
We optimize the campaign ( 0 Hours )
We consolidate reporting and billing into one easy statement ( 0 Hour/Month )
We review results with you monthly (45 minutes/Month)

That is 45 minutes to 1 hour of your time per month and no time spent on building the campaign!