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Call Tracking

Business Call TrackingDo your customers …

  • Call for an appointment?
  • Call for more information?
  • Schedule a consultation?
  • Call for an estimate to be scheduled?
  • Call to schedule service (in-home)?
  • Schedule appraisal?
  • Call for rate quote?
  • Make a reservation or order take-out?

We track from start to finish providing you with relevant details!

Call Tracking:

  • Enables you to measure quality of your incoming calls.
  • Enables you to measure quantity of incoming calls each campaign generates.
  • Enables you to measure the peak optimal time when your customers are calling you.
  • Enables you to monitor quality of your calls (are your customers getting an answer to questions they are asking and how well is your staff handling those calls).
  • Enables you to offer coaching and feedback to your staff answering the phone.
  • Enables you to monitor the response rate to your calls (are your calls being answered, being redirected to Voice Mail or not being answered at all).

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How Does It Work?



Traffic Analysis Report

  • Emailed weekly or monthly.
  • Provides overview of all activity for specific time period by advertiser.
  • 5 main sections to the report.
  1. How many calls were generated
  2. Number of new leads.
  3. Number of repeat callers.
  4. What percentage of calls are being answered?
  5. What’s the average call duration?

Jackson & Associates Global Marketing

Knowledge Is Power!

Measuring responses can help you spend your money wisely.

  • Learn your cost per lead.
  • Use to start the calculation for cost per sale.
  • Identify best lead sources.
  • Understand closing cycles.
  • Determine which offers and ads drive more response.
  • Build a lead database for better follow- up.
  • Troubleshoot internal management of leads.
  • Gain insight on repeat customers.