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Link Building and Syndication for 21st Century

Link Building Services

Enhance your business marketing by building a professional business profile page for your business

Link Building

Search engines love links. Google, Yahoo, Bing all rank web sites with quality linking partners higher than those with no or low quality links to your web site.

We have tools to help you build quality links. Jackson & Associates and Valpak of Edmonton have developed an exclusive business profile directory to compliment your digital coupons. Your business featured on our Valpak.com web site. A detailed company profile enhancing your business, describing your products or services with an address and a map to your business location are all included with your business profile listing.

Promote your business with images, videos and social media links .

Add YouTube videos, images, map to your business location and social media links to your business profile to increase awareness of your product or service making it easier for leads and prospects to make the buying decision and become  your customers.

Content Syndication

Business Promotion

We have built reputation with major search engines such As Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Our Valpak.com and Valpak.ca web sites are regularly indexed by all search engines. And because of volume of fresh and relevant content that is updated often, we rank high on all search engines for variety of keywords.

Content syndication. In addition to our Valpak.com and Valpak.ca web sites which rank high on all major search engines, we have also built business relationship and syndicate our content to many external partners such as Yellow Pages, Red Flag Deals etc. In addition to our syndicated partners, many third party sites have built in their own interfaces to crawl and syndicate their own content using our Valpak online coupons site.

We Pack a Punch!
All of our resources help bring exposure to your business from a trusted source, Jackson & Associates and Valpak of Edmonton.