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Valpak Edmonton: Attract New Customers

Jackson & Associates Global Marketing

Jackson & Associates is the exclusive provider of Valpak Edmonton Direct Marketing Services in Edmonton and area.

  • Valpak Direct Marketing gets your ads out where they can do the most work for you; reaching current and potential customers by targeting the demographics that will produce the best response rate for your marketing dollars.
  • Valpak Edmonton efficiently delivers your message to your most ideal customer.r. While other advertising mediums send your message to anyone – regardless of their likelihood to buy from you – Valpak lets you choose your own audience based on demographics such as age, home ownership, income, proximity to retail locations, buying behavior and more.
  • With Valpak Edmonton, you can track responses and measure the success rate of your offers. These responses also provide you with valuable information about who your best customers are, and where to focus your marketing efforts.

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Attract New Customers Through Direct Mail

The Valpak Blue Envelope is delivered on a monthly basis to 180,000 households throughout Edmonton and area. Direct mail campaigns can be designed to target an area surrounding specific retail locations or neighborhood from as few as 10,000 homes.

Advertise Online And On The Go

Take your marketing to the next level with our comprehensive digital packages. Your offers are featured on Valpak.com and on our Valpak mobile app. Your business is showcased across multiple online and mobile channels, and track ROI effortlessly.