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Is Your Message Being Seen?

Business Postcards and Business MailCan your customer read your story?

Good News Travels Fast

  • Good news travels fast at a very reasonable investment.  We take your message , target and deliver it at the home (printed flyer), on the phone or on the personal computer / tablet. All for less than the price of a stamp.
  • We can find who you want to deliver your message to, by address, income, interest etc. We manage your mail, you manage your time.
  • Don’t spend half you work week struggling to get your mailshot printed and packed. We’ll pack 400 or 40,000 saving you countless hours with researching, designing and manually processing each mail piece.

Email Marketing

Hybrid Direct Mail

There are no clear winners when companies switch from traditional Direct Mail to electronic Direct Mail. Savings on paper, print and distribution can obviously be made, but at what cost to a company’s image when non-electronic customers become orphaned by the new media and those prospects without Internet access become missed opportunities?

It is our position that e-Mail based DM or eDM is an important extension of traditional DM but we see the two media as complementary rather than competing. Compliment your printed mailing campaign with the opt-in email marketing campaign to achieve maximum impact for your advertising dollar.