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10 Point Website Checkup

Edmonton Web Site Design

Why do you need a good web site?

People are looking for you online. They may be searching for the products and services you offer. They may have heard about you from a friend and they want to go to your web site to learn more about you.

Is your web site up to date with the latest in technology and design?

An updated web site that utilizes modern technology and reflects your image is going to invite visitors to go deeper into your site instead of  “bounce” them away.

Is your web site mobile friendly?

More and more people are using mobile devices to search for you. If you don’t provide a good mobile experience for them, they will likely go to competitor that has a great mobile site.

Do you have right content and do you have enough content?

More and more people do online research before they decide to contact you or walk in your door. Yur web site needs to convey information about the products or services you offer and answer basic questions about your business. The best web sites also include content to inform and educate.

Are you updating your content?

No one likes to visit neglected web site. Outdated web sites do not portray a positive image  of your business. Additionally, Google thinks that neglected web sites are not important and ranks them lower than sites that are regularly updated with new content.

Is your web site easy to update?

DIY content management systems are fine for people who want to learn the system, but it does not make sense to spend hours on your web site at the expense of managing your business. Hosting and maintenance agreements that nickel and dome you when you want to make changes discourage you from having an up-to-date web site. Web companies that offer regular changes and tech support encourage businesses to keep their web site updated.

Is your web site SEO friendly?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what enables your web site to be fond by people looking for you. SEO is all about having the right content with the right words in the right places. Additionally, your web site structure needs to encourage and not discourage search engines.

Does your web site make it easy for web site visitors to take the next step?

You never know when someone will be looking at you online. No matter the time of day, they need to be able to contact you to ask a question or do something specific such as request a quote. Mobile users may be in your town looking for you and they want to find you on a map or click to call from their phone – right now.

Is everything else that you are doing to promote your business leading back to your web site?

Your web site is real estate on the web that you own. Everything else that you do should point back to your web site so that people can learn more about you and be invite to take the next step and do business with you.

Is your web site bringing in customers?

Your web site analytics can provide you with information about how people arrive at your web site and interact with your content, but a successful marketing strategy takes into account many other factors. Track your customer actions both online and off to study how all of the pieces of your strategy are working together to meet your business goals.

Edmonton Web DesignA great web site is an essenial piece of any company’s marketing strategy. If you do not have a web site or you aren’t sure if your web site is working for you, schedule a web site analysis with one of our Digital Media Specialists.