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Edmonton Web Design

A Business Website has became an essential part of business just like the phone and fax number are. With the increased integration of Internet and World Wide Web into our every day lives and routines, a business without web site is finding it harder and harder to compete not only for new customers and prospects but to retain and keep their existing ones.

Here are some reasons why you want to have a web site for your business.

– Constant Advertising

Web site operates and is visible 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A web site does not need to close off at the end of the business day, take a weekend off, ask for vacation or take a sick day. So to be to the point, a web site is an advertising tool that will bring your business in front of potential customer’s eyes regardless if your store is open or not.

– Convenience for Your Clients

A web site is convenient way for existing or potential client to explore and gather the information on products they need without need to visit the physical premises of the business.

Many people like this convenience since it saves them time. A potential customer can visit ten, twenty or fifty web sites, do their research and make decision where to buy without ever needing to get out of their chair. They can search for the more specific product to suit their needs, compare multiple vendors for same product, research alternatives and more. A purchase research and fact finding project that would take days had the customer had to visit each physical location, can now be easily accomplished in matter of hours.

Edmonton Web Desing

Some people dislike direct pressure they perceive of being target of when they visit brick and mortar store. They have to talk to a sales person and may be pressured into purchasing something or may feel guilty of taking to much time from the sales person helping them. The would be buyer however is still not ready to purchase and needs more time to do their research without the pressure from the sales person or the guilt of wasting the salesperson’s time without purchasing anything.

Many people work or are occupied during the regular business hours and cannot afford to visit the physical store or business they are considering buying the product or service from. A web site will allow them to research for the product and service they need when it is convenient for them. After hours, during the lunch break, etc. a potential customer can do their research and explore your products and services without the inconvenience of having to work around the store hours (being there when the store is open.

Web Site Development Services Offered By Jackson & Associates:

– Dynamic content, fully customizable web sites (WordPress based)
– Front and Back end (front end – what your clients see, back end – where you make changes to your site and do other administrative tasks).
– Custom artwork, layout and theme work.
– Search engine optimized (basic SEO optimization included in all our packages)
– Mobile devices friendly (Responsive Design and Mobile Browser Integration)
… and more.